Welcome to ROYAL SPORTS INDIA, Brand-RSF, A Gym Equipment manufacturer, MEERUT (UP) based. Leading gym and fitness Equipment manufacturer, AN ISO CERTIFIED.
complete new Gym setup 3 to 20 lac
We supply new gym equipment setup in all over india.
Get complete new and heavy duty gym equipment setup. get gym setup direct from Factory.
We have All range of gym setup with affordable price range.
Excellent raw material used. heavy pipe gauge excellent finishing, Nice Movement.
complete new Gym setup 3 to 20 lac
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Supply directly from factory (MEERUT)
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List of items..

1. Pec dec
2. Chest press
3. Hi lat pull down with rowing
4. Seated leg curl extenstion
5. Bench press
6. Functional trainer
7. Smith machine
8. Olympic incline bench
9. Olympic decline bench
10. Olympic flat bench
11. preacher bench
12. Stool
13. Flat bench
14. Leg press
15. Seated calf machine
16. Leg raiser
17. Wrist curl
18. Hyper extension
19. Dumbbell stand
20. Sauna bath
21. Rod set
22. Dumbbells 300Kg
23. Plates 300Kg
24. belt
25. Cross fit