We will not be obliged to repay you for any unutilized time if you opt to delete or deactivate any Paid Services prior to the period for which it is operational. If you are unable to use the Premium Services on the Website due to technical difficulties, equal units of the paid feature will be credited to your account upon receipt of payment confirmation for the ad units you were unable to publish. For example, if you purchased a package of 3 Featured Ad units, but only used 2 of them and were unable to post the remaining 1 ad unit as a Featured Ad due to a technical issue during the package’s validity period, you will only be credited with 1 Featured Ad unit.

The above refund policy will not apply if any content in your advertisement is found to be in violation of the Terms, or if there has been any abuse reported in relation to your advertisement, or if your advertisement is deleted or not re-posted on the Website due to any subsequent editing done by you.